About Us

With forty years experience in dealing with the travel and emigration arrangements for dogs, cats, other animals and birds, Skydogs provide a personal and caring service to ensure your pet receives the highest quality attention and care.

We have established excellent long-term relationships with top Breeders both in the UK and overseas and we have detailed knowledge of the various requirements of other countries so we can arrange all aspects of the safe and secure travel arrangements of your precious cargo to countries throughout the World.

Our extensive and close association with major Airlines allows us to advise on the optimum travel arrangement that are both convenient to you and your pet.

The Skydogs business was set up first and foremost to ensure a stress free experience is attained at all times, our company offers the highest possible animal welfare, with this in mind it remains central to the focus of our worldwide relocation service.

By choosing skydogs you can be sure your pets will receive a first class service throughout their journey wherever in the world you decide to relocate them.